keyword research services


Discover new keywords and performance data to use in your site content, Google Ads campaigns, and more.

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research creates search queries. Keywords enhance SEO (SERPs). It may help firms evaluate competition and uncover possibilities.

Find New Keywords

Search for words or phrases related to your products or services. Our keyword research Services will help you find the keywords that are most relevant for your business.

Keyword Checking and Tracking 

Seoject analyses search traffic and competition for our clients' top keywords over time.

Finding Relevant and Popular Keywords

Seoject keyword research services quickly and easily discover the most relevant (and popular) keywords in your niche while avoiding off-topic keywords.

Supercharge Your Keyword Research

Supercharge your Google Ads campaign with winning keyword research. Find low-competition long-tail keywords rapidly.

Get the keywords you need to begin improving your search engine marketing now.

keyword research services

Seoject's Keyword Research services enable finding keywords for organic and paid search easy and fast.

Although keyword research in Seoject can aid in targeting, the success of a campaign is contingent on a number of things. Many elements, including bid, budget, product, and sector-wide practice of having, can impact the effectiveness of a campaign.

  • Collect keyword recommendations for your products, services, or website.
  •  Show estimated monthly keyword searches.we employ a process known as "link building"
  •  Cost: See the average keyword search ad cost.
  •  Sort keywords: Check your keywords' brand-related categories.
  • New campaigns: Create new keyword research-based campaigns using your keyword plan.

Discover new keywords

By using Seoject's keyword services in Egypt, you may find fresh keyword concepts to add to your Search campaign's keyword pool. Understand about fresh keywords to incorporate into your site copy, Google Ads campaigns, and other areas of focus.


What exactly are keyword research services?

Search terms that are used to find a company's services and goods are called keywords. For the sake of making it easier for current and potential customers to locate their products via search, it is essential for every company to determine product keywords for all of their services and products.

Keyword research services? Keyword research—also known as SEO keyword research or keyword analysis—identifies search queries used to locate relevant websites and pages. These keywords and phrases help SEO experts improve target pages for certain search queries.


Keyword Analysis Services

Our algorithms also analyses your website's keywords. Product page and content keyword research is easy with website keyword analysis. If you don't have keywords, we'll analyze your website or landing page. Seoject Keyword Services provides powerful internet keyword analysis for businesses.


How much are keyword research services?

Keyword research cost? Depending on query volume, a keyword research tool costs $200–$500 per month. Then, it costs time to analyse and prioritise keywords/topics for SEO efforts. SEOject keyword research services Pay as needed.


Why use seoject’s keyword research services

The first and maybe most important stage in any search marketing strategy, whether organic or paid, is keyword research. However, when it comes to PPC keyword research, the results and usability of most free keyword suggestion tools are totally lacking.

To get traffic from search engines, whether through organic search or paid search ads, you need the right keywords and a way to grow your lists of keywords over time. That's why we offer our services.

Seoject's Keyword services provide hundreds of relevant keyword results in addition to extra, actionable data such as competition level and predicted CPC. It's a fantastic alternative to Google's Keyword Planner.

keyword analysis

Get a head start on your keyword analysis by using the most complete keyword database online.


  1. Analyze your keywords' difficulty and purpose. 
  2. Global and regional search volume
  3. Check the top SERP results for competition.


  1. SERP Overview Check your top competitors' SEO data for any term.
  2. Check your competition' URLs' estimated traffic.
  3. View SERP features and advertising on the results page.


  1. Discover your audience's brand queries. 
  2. Explore related keywords for paid ad ideas.
  3. Find low-competition long-tail keywords easily.


  1. Track keyword search volume throughout the year.
  2. Show seasonal interest surges.
  3. Adjust your bidding strategy and content plan for more traffic and less expense.


  1. Get ideas from keyword-targeted adverts.
  2. Show your Google Shopping competition and change your bidding strategy.
  3. Search any keyword's ad history for the top SERP advertisements.

Competitive Analysis

  1. Common keywords—find your real competitors.
  2. Keywords gap - discover your top competitors' keywords Traffic over time 
  3. track each competitor's search traffic

Find the right target keywords.

 Seoject makes it easy.

Get a head start on your keyword analysis by using the most complete keyword database online.

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