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Get affordable SEO packages in Egypt that include competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, rank monitoring, and backlink generation. (We improve your site's ranking)

Robust Website Monitoring

Get alerts for unusual traffic drops, spammy backlinks, security issues, keyword ranking changes, or even Google algorithm updates that affect you. Easy solutions are included.


Weekly scans of your current keyword rankings in Google We’ll let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for a keyword and give you easy suggestions to get there.

Keyword Explorer

See your current keyword rankings alongside data such as volume and difficulty. Find new keywords and even explore your competitors' keywords.

Backlink Analysis

We look for both good backlinks that will help you rank higher and spammy backlinks that will harm you and must be removed from Google. You can see who links to your competitors as well as who links to you. We’ll continue to monitor your website, and if we detect any spammy backlinks that might hurt your rankings, we’ll alert you.


We constantly compare your website’s performance to similar websites and show you how you stack up.

Competitor Analysis

Add up to six competitors and track their rankings and traffic. We'll even notify you when they make a change to a page that improves their rankings, allowing you to see their strategy in action.

Chat Support

Our highest level of dedicated support Pro members can also schedule a one-on-one Zoom meeting with a Growth Expert to review their website, SEO, and/or anything else.

Weekly Snapshot

More data, more often Get a quick weekly summary of your and your competitors’ rankings, traffic, and more.

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